Wayne T. Rife- Philosophy of Practice

Philosophy of Practice

Personal attention and service should be the hallmark of any profession and it is especially true with the practice of law. The Law Office of The Rife Law Firm considers this to be extremely important and will work to pay close attention to each client's needs while giving personalized service. At the same time, Wayne T. Rife will strive to make its client's needs a top priority. Our goal is to be accessible and responsive to each client in order to provide effective legal counsel and representation. Wayne T. Rife will also aggressively pursue its client's goals and objectives, regardless of the situation or forum.

At the Law Offices of The Rife Law Firm, we also believe that communication is critical for a successful relationship with our clients. We take your calls, return messages, and respond to your emails, usually within one business day. You will receive responsive service and will be involved at every step along the way. We answer your questions, provide frequent status updates, and take full ownership of the matters you entrust to us. For more information and for experienced, results-oriented legal representation, contact our office for a consultation.

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