Wayne T. Rife- Attorney Appellate Practice

Appellate Practice

The Rife Law Firm has first-hand experience in a broad range of appellate issues. Regardless of whether your claim involves contractual, tort, constitutional, or statutory issues, you need an analytical attorney who understands legal issues who has persuasive brief writing and oral advocacy skills. The Law Office of The Rife Law Firm prides itself on each of these skills, and believes that they are essential at each stage of the appellate process.  We have handled appeals to both state and federal appellate courts, including the Texas Supreme Court, in interlocutory matters, applications for mandamus or other extraordinary relief, as well as appeals from final court room judgments.


The decision to appeal a decision is usually more complex than the original decision to file suit in the case. The likelihood of prevailing in an appeal can depend on such factors as the issues presented to the trial court during the original trial, the nature of the testimony and/or evidence offered during the trial, and prior decisions made in the appellate courts on similar issues. From a practical perspective, the cost involved in pursuing the appeal must also be weighed against the potential benefit to be gained by pursuing the appeal. At The Rife Law Firm we weigh each consideration as we advise you on whether it is in your best interest to proceed with an appeal.