Wayne T. Rife- School Law and Litigration Attorney

School Law and Litigation

Dealing with the public school system and the vast body of law upon which it is based can often be difficult. The legal structure is complicated and the education system can be overwhelming. That is why it is essential that you engage an attorney who has has dealt with the system and who has an understanding of the complex issues that you will inevitably face. 

Wayne T. Rife has over 18 years of experience in all areas of school law, having represented public school districts, public school administrators, public school employees, as well as parents and students. During that time, Wayne Rife has provided legal representation in a variety of forums, including disciplinary hearings, administrator/teacher non-renewal and termination hearings and appeals, teacher, parent, and student grievance hearings and appeals, as well as hearings before the Texas Secretary of Education.  Wayne Rife also stays abreast of the school related issues and is also a member of the Texas Bar Association School Law Section.  We welcome the opportunity to assist you in whatever situation you find yourself, including:

 Personnel matters – Administration, Faculty and Staff
 Contract employees – Non-renewals and terminations
 Student rights and discipline
 Special education
 First Amendment issues
 Contracts and bidding outside the employment context, particularly intergovernmental, outsourcing, services, procurement and construction related contracts