Wayne T. Rife- Probate, Trust & Guardianship Disputes Attorney

Probate, Trust, & Guardianship Disputes/Litigation

The Rife Law Firm understands and appreciates that every family strives to avoid testamentary problems.   However, our goal is to deal effectively with probate and guardianship problems when they do arise.  We understand these issues involve more than money; that they evoke emotions and frequently divide families. For these reasons, we work to find creative solutions that may avoid protracted litigation and preserve family relationships. When necessary, however, we will protect and vigorously advance our clients' interests in probate and trust adversarial proceedings.


When it becomes necessary to call on the assistance of the courts to solve probate and trust problems, we will work to use judicial resources effectively and efficiently. We also provide assistance to trustees who seek court approval of their actions, or the interpretation and enforcement of trust provisions. We represent fiduciaries, personal representatives, beneficiaries and interested third parties in litigation involving probate and trust matters, such as will contests, durable power of attorney abuse, guardianship abuse, trust accountings, and other fiduciary dispute and litigation matters including: 

Wayne T. Rife Attorney at Law Validity of wills; applications to vary wills or trusts;
Wayne T. Rife Attorney at Law Estate claims; breach of trust actions;
Wayne T. Rife Attorney at Law Undue influence claims;
Wayne T. Rife Attorney at Law Interpretation of wills;
Wayne T. Rife Attorney at Law Appointment or removal of trustees;
Wayne T. Rife Attorney at Law Representation of trustees and executors;
Wayne T. Rife Attorney at Law Trustees' and executors' accounts;
Wayne T. Rife Attorney at Law Protection of beneficiaries' rights;
Wayne T. Rife Attorney at Law Family disputes; and
Wayne T. Rife Attorney at Law Power of attorney contests.